free 20 year old prints

this video shows photos of 11" by 17" prints
they are unusual for me. i haven't had a large format printer since then.

as you can see, they are mostly blue, black, maybe a bit of red.

this was the old days when you could print until all the colors in your cartridge were gone.

i like bright colors, so the yellow and red got used up first

all the print effects are just the ink running out. truly one of a kind.

all these prints are free, just ask me in person
the sound is my new toy, a roli seaboard
as always, thanks for looking and listening





night bus - video by me - music by Jozef Sca - decades ago - San Fran visuals





summer in the country

Spring in Lawrence

years ago in Lawrence



classic Lawrence pics



Free State Glass Party Pics 2013 , 2012 , FSG


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